• Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy
• Has at least 5 years work experience as General Accountant

• N/A

Duties and Responsibilities:

General Function
The General Accountant is directly reports to the Finance Director for the overall General function of finance.
In compliance with the regulations, General Accountant shall exercise the following duties & responsibilities:

1. Shall take custody of all finances and items of value of the Company and shall deposit such in banking institutions designated by the Board of Directors.

2. Ensure proper safeguarding of cash and supervises the accounting activities of the Company. Protects organization’s value by keeping accounting information confidential

3. Assists and to ensure accurate representation of financial transactions within the financial accounting system and maintains cash flow by monitoring bank balances and cash requirements, identifying savings to re-invest

4. Secures financial operations by monitoring and approving financial processing, reporting and auditing. Also acts as one of the Authorized Officers who approves vouchers and sign checks

5. Develops, recommends and directs policies, regulations and procedures governing the receipt, custody, control and disbursement of funds, and other items of value to the Company

6. Prepares month-end financial reports including accounts receivables, returned checks summary, accounts payable, schedule of expenses, operating statements, cash flows, financial ratios, payout analysis, reconciliation reports and other statements and financial reports required by the Management, principals, suppliers and other users of financial information in cooperation and coordination with the entire Finance Department

7. Assists department managers and supervisors in understanding their financials and viability of their segment or operations

8. Supervises Accounting Staff and performs a wide range of complex professional accounting duties to include analysis, preparation and maintenance of financial records and reports for internal (management) and external users (principal and external regulatory bodies)

9. Performs other duties as assigned by the Finance Director.

• Bachelor’s degree with major in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or a closely-related field
• With at least 3 years of work experience as an Accounting Staff (Payroll, disbursement, and reporting
• Can handle Petty Cash Fund, Payroll-related matters and Payment processing
• Excellent communication and writing skills
• Must have knowledge of General Accounting

• N/A

Duties and Responsibilities:

General Function
The Accounting Staff is directly reports to the Accounting Supervisor for the overall General function of finance.
In compliance with the regulations, Accounting Staff shall exercise the following duties & responsibilities:

1. Examine employees' payroll advice for completeness and clarify with employees if in doubt and upload data to the system for processing.

2. Check and process payroll reports against payroll advice and employee checklist before sending them over to employees for verification

3. Prepares, organizes, and maintains contract records and files documenting contract performance and compliance.

4. Supports accounting and clerical work

5. Coordinate with other departments

6. Checks liquidation reports and receipts

7. Check and process reimbursements of employees

8. Compile and prepare reports and summaries

9. Assists identification, development, and implementation of new contract policies and processes

10. Performs other duties as assigned by the Accounting Supervisor

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