Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance

To ensure smooth-running and on-time departures, we operate line stations supported by round-the-clock services covering transit, daily, weekly and all other routine checks up to and including full ‘A’ checks. We also provide ad-hoc and non-routine support services, such as defect rectification, component changes, riding engineer support, minor cabin repairs as well as minor structural repairs.


  • Daily, weekly, transit, A-checks
  • Unscheduled checks
  • Defect rectification
  • Minor component replacement
  • 24/7 AOG support
  • Engineering
  • Aircraft engineering during livery change
  • Line station set-up and management services
  • Aircraft dismantling
  • Aircraft engine wash
  • Aircraft interior deep cleaning
  • Aircraft exterior wet washing
  • Aircraft carpet change
  • Aircraft preservation/de-preservation
  • Borescope & NDT inspection services


Aircraft We Serve:

  • Dornier 328 Series
  • Boeing 737 Series
  • Airbus 320 Series